Storage Containers: What Type Do You Need?

Which kind of container do you really need? If you’re thinking about renting a storage container, there’s plenty you need to figure out. What can you put inside of it? Where will you put it? How long will you need it? Most importantly, what type will you need? Here’s a look at the major categories … Read More »

What Should NOT Go Into a Storage Container?

Many things can go in these, but some things really shouldn’t. Storage containers are incredibly useful items. You can pack them full of your personal possessions, ship them easily, and unload them simply. However, that doesn’t mean that absolutely everything should go into a storage container. Here’s what not to put in. Anything Not Covered … Read More »

Massachusetts Dumpster Laws: What You Need to Know

Before putting a dumpster on your property, know what you need to do legally. Renting a dumpster in Massachusetts should be fairly simple. After all, it’s just throwing away trash, right? Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. There are laws you need to follow at the state and local level in order to have a … Read More »