Hanson Trash Pick Up and Recycling: Graham Waste is Coming!

It’s true, it’s true. Starting in July, Graham Waste will be offering trash pick-up and recycling services to the town of Hanson on the South Shore.Just as we help residents around Hanson, our experienced team of trash and recycling experts will be performing curbside pick-up chores with our state of the art waste removal trucks … Read More »

South Shore Recycling: Even Lunch is Being Recycled…in a Good Way!

We all know about recycling the basics like paper, plastic and glass. But what about recycling one of the most commonly discarded materials, food? No, we’re not being glib. The state of Massachusetts has passed a law that will take effect in October of 2014 that requires large scale food processors and consumers to recycle … Read More »

Recycling in Massachusetts: How Do They Process Single Stream Recyclables?

We know that Single Stream Recycling is a much easier process for consumers to participate in, and that it dramatically increases the amount of trash that is diverted away from landfills. But what happens to all of that material once it goes to a processing plant? And how do they actually separate papers from plastic, … Read More »

Single Stream Recycling- Is It a Viable Method for Your Community?

Single Stream Recycling is a very beneficial system that has become part of daily life in America. It triggers purposeful use of waste materials and reduces energy use. It also decreases air pollution (via incineration) and cuts water contamination (via landfilling). However, though everyone agrees on the goals of reusing waste materials, there is much … Read More »