South Shore Recycling: Where to Take my Hard to Recycle Items?

We often hear from our customers who ask us where they can recycle items other than the ones we can handle with our South Shore recycling service. Awkward and potentially dangerous items such as electronics, old televisions, paint and even battery acid can be recycled, but need to be cared for and processed very carefully. … Read More »

Recycling Your Car: How it Works

So you’ve made the leap to recycling your household items. Bottles, cans, newspapers, packaging etc. But what about the bigger things you own, like your car? What happens when you try to recycle a vehicle that weighs several thousand pounds? Cars can be recycled for any number of reasons, but the key reason used cars … Read More »

Hanson Trash Pick Up and Recycling: Graham Waste is Coming!

It’s true, it’s true. Starting in July, Graham Waste will be offering trash pick-up and recycling services to the town of Hanson on the South Shore.Just as we help residents around Hanson, our experienced team of trash and recycling experts will be performing curbside pick-up chores with our state of the art waste removal trucks … Read More »

Join Graham Waste for Cradle To Crayons

Doing your spring cleaning? Recycle your family’s clothes, shoes and outerwear to help children through the Cradles to Crayons program. Graham Waste is a proud supporter of the program and hope that our customers will be as well To learn more, check out Graham Waste Cradles to Crayons!  

Quick Announcements from Graham Waste!

It is the start of a new quarter and hopefully the end of all this snow! Thank you so much for your continued service with our company. Please note that there is only one holiday this quarter that we will be closed: Monday, May 26th (Memorial Day) – ALL days affected. Pick-up will be delayed … Read More »