What Happens to Duxbury Recycling?

Often our customers in Duxbury ask the question: “What happens to my recycling go after you pick it up?”

Good question, and here’s the answer. When Graham Waste picks up recycling in Duxbury, we return it to one of several recycling facilities here in Massachusetts. From there, the recycled material is re-processed and into dozens of different products.

According to the Massachusetts DEP, paper and cardboard are often turned into the covers for new books, boxes for food staples like cookies or graham crackers, or even for new game boards…not video games, but for chess, checkers, Monopoly, etc.

In addition to domestic recycling plants, some recycling is purchased by overseas processors looking for less expensive raw materials. Raw lumber and commercial wood can be very expensive, so recycled paper is an attractive, often cheaper alternative. China, India and Brazil are key markets for recycling and re-processing.

Recycled glass bottles have a simpler journey in life. Glass is often re-melted and formed into new glass containers or bottles. Simple.

Plastic bottles on the other hand, could end up becoming just about anything. Plastic can be re-formed into new bottles, but can also be processed into items as diverse as insulation, milk jugs or even long lasting landscaping timbers.

That’s the short story on recycling in Duxbury. For more information, check out the town of Duxbury’s recycling page. In the meantime, we look forward to helping Duxbury recycle as much as possible!