Scituate Recycling: The Fall Update

Hope you’re enjoying the end of your summer and that you’re staying cool! We’re about to start a new series on our blog about the trash and recycling policies here on the South Shore that we hope will be informative and helpful as you pack up the kids to go back to the school and get ready for the fall.

We’re going to start with our Scituate recycling services. Recycling is required in Scituate, and while the transfer station is certainly an option for many of our clients, many homeowners find it more convenient to have Graham Waste pick up and remove recycling for them.

For the fall of 2013, our pick-ups in Scituate occur every other week on Tuesdays. With our single stream recycling capabilities, you do not need to separate bottles, cans, paper or plastic. Our state of the art recycling technology handles all of that for you.
But, if you feel like making the trip to the station yourself, you can find the official Town of Scituate Trash and Recycling policy here.