Super Bowl Recycling 101

TOUCHDOWN! Recycle Smart Partners – we are excited to share that the interest in Recycle Smart continues to grow everyday here in Massachusetts! In December alone – over 13,500 unique individuals visited the Recycle Smart MA website and we gained more than 1,000 new followers across our social media channels. Curious who these recycling enthusiast … Read More »

Recycling is WORK!

Many people want to recycle and protect the environment, but they do not know how to recycle correctly.  Historically, China purchased most of the single stream recycling generated and collected in the United States.  The recycling loads that China purchased from the US were highly contaminated due to poor recycling habits in the US.   Beginning … Read More »

China and the Looming Recycling Crisis

Excellent article explaining the recycling crisis locally which has been caused by the change in the acceptable contamination levels of recyclable materials shipped to China.  This is an international problem, that has very quickly substantially increased the cost of collecting recyclable materials from households and other generators.   Proponents, generators, haulers, facilities, and participants in … Read More »