5 Questions to Ask Before Renting a Storage Container

Ready to rent?

If you have a lot of items to remove from your home to send somewhere else, a storage container might be right for you. Brought to your house and left in your yard, you simply fill it up with your belongings, have it put on a truck, and have it shipped by truck to your new home. However, before you rent one, you should ask a few questions.

How Much Space Will I Need?

There’s no point in renting a shipping container if you don’t have any place to put it, and you shouldn’t rent a container that’s too small or too big. Do some measuring and get a rough idea of how much space you’ll need, in cubic yards, and call the rental companies you’re considering and ask them for container sizes. Also call your town’s seat of government and ask them if any permits or special consideration will be needed to put the container on your property; you may need to get a permit for the unit, or a permit to block off parking space or sidewalks, depending on the size of your container.

What Can I Put In the Containers?

While most storage containers can be used to store pretty much anything, each company is different and may have different rules about what you can and can’t store in their containers. Ask them specifically about the rules that they have, and also any recommendations they may have for things you should and shouldn’t store.

How Much Will The Rental Cost?

Many storage container companies have several different fees: Pick up, drop off, fuel surcharges, and daily rental. When speaking to the rental company, ask for a detailed breakdown of costs. What fees will be charged? Are they fixed rates, or will they go up or down depending on the situation? What penalty fees, if any, may be incurred? Most rental places will have this information in a handy form for you to look over, so make asking for that the first thing you do.

Get the information you need.

What Kind Of Locks Should I Use?

Storage containers generally need to be locked when you’re not around, and a padlock from the local hardware store is probably not going to cut it. You’ll probably need a heavy-duty lock and chain, but the company itself may have cable locks or other equipment you can rent as well. Be sure to ask about this, so you can properly secure your things.

In Case Of Accident, Damage Or Theft, Am I Liable?

Unfortunately, storage containers have the same risks as anything else you rent or own. Accidents such as fires, while rare, can happen, and it’s possible for a container to be stolen just like anything else. Water damage is possible depending on where the container is located and the weather. Before renting, talk to the company about insurance and what situations their containers are covered under. Also ask them about insuring your container and its contents to cover situations their policy may not.

Remember, there’s no such thing as a silly question when it comes to renting a storage container. After all, it’s a lot of money and you’ll be storing things you value in it. Ask questions of your storage container rental company and expect answers; it’s the best way to ensure your rental is a good experience.