Halifax Trash and Recycling

For a trustworthy trash collector and waste removal service in Halifax and the South Shore region of Massachusetts, individuals and businesses turn to Graham Waste. With major loads or only one small bag that you leave at your curb, you can rely on us to pick-up your garbage every week. Instead of storing garbage bags until you have enough to fill your car or van with stinking trash to haul to the dump, you can depend on us, the most efficient and professional refuse collection team in Halifax’s local area, to take away the garbage for you.

Recycling for Halifax Residents

Graham will also collect recyclables at the curb. Almost effortlessly, you can take steps to diminish your carbon footprint by putting out your paper, plastic and glass products. You do not have to store your everyday recyclables for those few trips to the local recycling center each year. We care about our world and the local Halifax environment. Instead of dumping these articles into a landfill, we at Graham Waste are glad to ensure these useful items are re-purposed. Your recycled plastic can be remade into items like plastic shopping bags, and used glass jars can be made into various new glass products.

Dumpster Rentals and Storage Containers – Halifax

As well as garbage and recycling pick-up, Graham provides homes and businesses in Halifax with rental dumpsters and portable storage containers. In fact, we have been a leader in dumpster rental in the surrounding South Shore region for more than 20 years. You can rent the size you need from our wide selection of sizes of dumpsters or storage containers. If you are cleaning out and emptying an ancient attic or trimming overgrowth in the backyard, you can use a dumpster and call us to haul it all away for you. For extra storage, we can provide you with convenient storage containers for your use over short or long-term rental. On your schedule to meet your needs, Graham Waste will drop-off and pick-up dumpsters and storage rentals anywhere in the Halifax area.