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Storage Container Sizes

Contractor Dumpster Storage Container

Graham Storage Services offers a variety of storage container sizes for both residential and commercial use. Our storage containers size from anywhere between 10 to 40 feet in length. To give you an idea of what you can fit inside them, the items within an average bedroom can fit inside a 10-foot container. A studio apartment's typical contents can fit within a 20-foot container. A 40-foot container is ideal for a small home or apartment. Larger homes can simply opt for several units of variable storage container size.

Although storage containers are often used for temporary purposes like moving and renovation, they have a variety of other permanent and semi-permanent solutions, too. They can be used on farms for storing machinery, supplies, and other equipment. They are an ideal solution for horse stables, protecting tack and feed from the elements. Whether you are moving, downsizing, or just require temporary storage while your current home is undergoing construction, Graham Storage Services can help you determine which storage container size is right for you.

Graham storage containers are ideal for many commercial applications due to their heavy floor construction and easy ground-level access. A storage containers size does not affect its quality, as all are made to the highest of standards. Any size may be used by contractors for on-site storage during residential/commercial renovations, highway projects, and other construction jobs. Their fast deployment makes them ideal for deployment on athletic fields, county fairs, and disaster preparedness centers where immediate, reliable storage is needed. Even truck stops, and other transportation terminals can benefit. Even marinas, trailer parks, and hunting clubs that would like to generate extra income renting out lockers to their clients can benefit from a variety of storage container sizes.

When it comes to paperwork, many business often suffer from having to keep paperwork around for years. Whether for customer service or legal compliance, some paperwork just cannot be disposed of for at least several years. With office space often proving to be a costly way to store documents, why not simply rent a storage container that can be placed out of the way in an unused area within your business premises? As records are transferred to electronic media or simply disposed of, you can opt for a smaller storage container size as the amount of documents requiring storage diminishes. The storage containers size can vary as you see fit.

As you can see, storage containers have a virtually endless amount of uses. No matter what the challenge your storing requirements present, Graham Storage Services has a solution.